Plant Upgrades

Improving Plant Performance

With extensive experience assisting clients in upgrading or improving biogas plants built by competing biogas companies, PlanET is your one step for digester upgrades. Whether it’s adding a digester tank to improve retention time, adding a dry feeder to improve input menu flexibility, or replacing mixing systems to improve the digestion process, PlanET can help improve the profitability of your biogas plant.

Common types of plant upgrades include:

  • Mixer upgrades/replacements
  • Flexible membrane roof replacements
  • Addition of solids feeders
  • Addition of in-tank desulphurization systems

Advantages at a glance

Successful examples from practice

Many providers promise a lot – but where is the difference? For PlanET, only the economic success and the satisfaction of the plant operator are decisive. That’s why we like to hear from them directly. Find out more in the articles from the trade press.

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