Renewable Natural Gas

RNG: Green Gas with PlanET

As citizens of the world feel the beginnings of the impact of climate change, we at PlanET continue to help deliver best-in-class solutions to mitigate methane emissions and create clean, dispatchable power. We have taken our vast experience in creating, cleaning and managing biogas into the field of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

PlanET has been developing RNG projects for nearly a decade and has vast experience integrating digester gas to all types of RNG technology.

By taking a macro view of the biogas plant, we can help to make smart decisions to ensure your facility is optimally suited to provide reliable RNG to the grid. RNG uses the existing infrastructure and can be efficiently transported to customers via the natural gas network.

PlanET advises you independently on the right process selection, develops the right business model for you and brings together strong project partners.

Advantages at a glance