Feasibility & Design

Good planning means more profit
It’s sometimes difficult to know where to start when looking into project feasibility. Let PlanET assist in helping you pull the key project drivers together. We can quickly provide biogas projections, initial mass balances along with CAPEX and OPEX estimates. Getting this information right at an early stage ensures your project is developed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once your project concept is firmly in hand, our in-house Engineering Department will be assigned to your project and we will design or re-design your biogas plant while working directly with you. This partnership forms the basis for the successful design and operations of your biogas plant.

Permit applications can be complicated and overwhelming due to the differences in each jurisdiction’s technical review process. The Engineering team assigned to your project can help to initiate and move these applications forward with our familiarity of the local codes and practices, and providing necessary engineering information to the authority in question. We can assist with the following permit processes:

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  • Building permitting

  • Air Emissions permitting

  • Construction permitting

  • Gas Appliance and Equipment permitting

  • Manure Storage permitting

  • The PlanET Engineering Department can also liason with your own construction or permitting team.