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Anaerobic digestion is often compared to the operations of a cow’s stomach, but they are not identical. Balanced and healthy biology means optimal biogas production. PlanET’s Biological division enables customers to increase the performance of their existing plants in a targeted fashion. Send in a sample of your digestate to learn about areas of improvement, or for confirmation that you’re doing everything well!

Feedstock Testing

The quality of your biogas relies almost entirely on the substrates you feed into your plant. In order to test for substrate suitability, send in a sample for analysis of biogas potential, inhibitory substances, or high sulfur levels within your feedstocks. Alternatively, contact our Digester Biologists to discuss feedstock suitability.

H2S Reduction – MicroNOX ON16

MicroNOX is an iron-rich powder which is exclusively distributed by PlanET in North America. MicroNOX is able to reduce H2S levels in biogas, similar to ferric chloride but without any additional expense, and is safer to handle and easier to use! MicroNOX does not require special storage or training for handling.

PlanET MicroNox Table

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