The VALENTIN biogas plant offers the newest digester size in the PlanET fleet. Its small, modular design is specifically targeted toward farms that have not been able to implement larger digester projects. Like all other PlanET digesters, the VALENTIN benefits from our 20 years of experience designing and building best-in-class digesters. This plant uses the same, trusted components used in the 1,000+ digesters PlanET has built, however this design allows for quick and easy construction on site. The organic materials fed into the digester are converted into high quality biogas which can be used to run a combined heat and power unit
(CHP) to produce electricity and heat or strictly as a boiler fuel substitute for heat generation.

Construction of the biogas plant PlanET VALENTIN

The video clip shows the construction of the biogas plant VALENTIN. The industrially prefabricated elements allow a quick setup within just two weeks.

Prefabricated components for a short construction time and fast commissioning:

  • Stainless steel digester: 54 ft/64 ft (16.5 m / 19.5 m) diameter, 10 ft (3 m) height, net tank volume approx. 155,860 gal/237,755 gal (590m³ / 900 m³)
  • Stainless steel components with insulation and PP plastic sheet cladding
  • Hand blender 15 kW
  • Insulated carrying roof and carrying air blower
  • Overfill protection, sight glass, substrate line, substrate removal pump
  • Firmly defined line construction and safety device
  • process control
  • CHP and gas treatment (including activated carbon filter, flare)
Biogas Kleinanlagen Valentin

Small digester -Big Benefits

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