RNG Upgrading – PlanET Stateron

PlanET has made its reputation delivering modular, energy efficient solutions that are focused on lifecycle value and customer operability. This is the same approach we took when developing the PlanET Stateron. Extending our technology offering to RNG is a natural evolution in our development as we continue to be driven by pure energy.

PlanET Strateron utilizes a carefully selected membrane technology which enhances the biogas output to meet the gas networks statutory requirements. This technology is delivered as a turn-key installation, taking into account specific customer requirements to ensure optimal operational efficiency.

Biogas Kleinanlagen

Gas Cooling

The water-saturated raw gas enters the piping system where it is cooled in a dryer. A separator then eliminates the liquid faction of the biogas, after which the gas is reheated through a blower and the pressure is boosted.

Gas Conditioning

The biogas is then directed to the activated carbon filters which are used to eliminate pollutants such as H2S, VOC’s and siloxanes. This activated carbon pre-treatment is made up of a number of filters, installed in a lead-lag; allowing any one of the filters to be bypassed.

Flexibilisierung PlanET Flex

O2 Injection

Direct oxygen injection allows for desulphurization of the biogas while it is still inside the digester. Using only oxygen means that other impurities are not introduced into the gas stream. Injection stations can be installed into a process module or directly at the digester.


Gas Upgrading

Our containerized 3-stage membrane upgrading unit is designed for ease of installation and simple operation while allowing for seamless expansion in the future.

Flexibilisierung PlanET Flex

Secondary Compression

Packaged Compression Systems designed for the North American Market. A modular compressor package in an insulated silent ISO enclosure up to 5,000 psi for secondary compression for CNG truck filling and virtual pipeline.

Flexibilisierung PlanET Flex

Vehicle Fueling

Fueling systems for light, medium and heavy-duty fleets for time-fill, fast-fill or combined solutions.

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