Industrial Waste to Energy

For food producers and waste management companies.

The digestion of waste could complete a cycle of raw materials based on food production or food waste management. Waste disposals are used for the production of biogas and the biogas can substitute fossil fuels as renewable natural gas in the transportation sector or be used to offset local electricity and heat demands – such a biogas concept provides multiple benefit for its plant owner! The PlanET portfolio also covers the design, process engineering, construction and the service of waste to energy plants. Our biogas plants customized and optimized for your specific feedstock can process almost all organic waste materials from the food industry as well as agricultural residues or fats and oils. Especially in the food industry business sector, anaerobic digestion offers significant cost advantages over traditional disposal methods – both to waste management companies and producers alike.

We understand ourselves as long-term partners for our customers. Therefore, we provide all after-sale services including biological assistance as well as service and maintenance for all technical equipment.

Waste to Energy – Best Practice

Our experience, your profit: To date PlanET has successfully completed more than 450 AD plants worldwide – from 40 kW liquid manure systems to 3 MW waste to energy plants. Among them are several successfully operating waste to energy plants in Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Premium technology. Maximum yield.

Every waste to energy plant includes a huge number of high-tech components. The innovative crushing and feeding solutions are well suited to tackling the specific challenges associated with the different biogenic waste materials. For even biodegeneration of the input materials, correct agitation is fundamentally important. PlanET offers a wide range of agitators, adapted to your specific substrate mix. State-of-the-art biological desulphurisation and Biogas conditioning as well as RNG Upgrader with highest of the market methane yields to make sure that you get the most out of your waste to energy plant. Nutrient recovery technology allows to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of the plant.

The PlanET Biagas Group is one of the leading providers of biogas solutions worldwide. Our portfolio covers the whole range of biogas technology and utilisation:

  • Feeding technology

  • Depackaging

  • Thermohydrolysis

  • Hygienisation

  • Safety Technology

  • Energy Concepts

  • Gas Upgrading

  • Nutrient Recovery