With the PlanET Vario chopped NaWaRo, solid manure, feed residues as well as solid coferments can be transported directly into the fermenter. The modular system offers containers from 11 to 120 m³, which can also be retrofitted. The system works with the Vario conveyor technology particularly energy-saving and low-wear. The conveyor strands are made entirely of stainless steel, individually driven and equipped with side flaps, so that the substrates can be conveyed effectively.

On the front side, an opening roller is mounted, through which the substrate is conveyed evenly to the screw – so a good degree of filling is achieved. The manure and grass package plus, consisting of a second release roller, ensures the smooth processing of 100% manure or grass. Because of the particularly good survey results and a 100% chance of repurchase, Planet Biogas Technology offers you a five-year warranty on the pushers of the PlanET Vario.

Advantages at a glance

Vario mit Rotacrex
  • Conveyor technology completely made of stainless steel and plastic in the substrate area

  • Basic module made of stainless steel, optionally all modules made of stainless steel

  • Future-proof investment – expandability through modular design

  • Low susceptibility to interference, simple and reliable components

  • High service friendliness, shutdown of individual elements possible

  • Low energy consumption, depending on the version below 0.6 kWh / t (including control and injection technology)