Separators are suitable for system integration directly at the digester or alternatively at the host farm. Depending on the desired application, separation improves the substrate properties, reduces floating layers in the digester or reduces volumes for downstream handling.

The separator has a MultiDisc for sealing, which reliably prevents breakthrough. With the help of the pump connected to the filtrate side, the effluent can be pumped directly back into the digester for dilution. Optionally, the connection of a second container is possible. A self-sufficient control regulates the interaction between the pump and the separator, including any existing gate valves.

PlanET Separatortechnik

Technical specifications

RC 30 RC 40
Power Consumption 4 kW 7,5 kW
Throughput up to 4000 gal (15 m³) / h up to 8000 gal (30 m³) / h
Total Solid Content up to 24% up to 33%
Filter Standard
0.02″  (0.5 mm) 0.02″  (0.5 mm)

Advantages at a glance

  • Low susceptibility to interference, simple and reliable components

  • Reliable pumping through controlled filtrate pump with high throughput

  • No sump pump and lifting system behind the separator required by integrated pump

  • Remote dial-in and visualization of the control possible

  • Pump is protected on the filtrate side from contaminants

  • Optional repressurization channel for the production of bedding material