Pumping Technology

For pumpable substrates with different flow capacities, we offer pumping techniques whose performance characteristics are based on the specific flow rates and piping systems. Material flows are transported safely and concept-oriented.

PlanET compact distributor

Substattechnik - Kompaktverteiler

The PlanET compact distributor is a modular pump distributor consisting of a distributor block, a rotary lobe pump and corresponding
shut-off valves (manual or pneumatic industrial valves). A separately available flow meter can be installed
to detect material flows. Substrate can be sucked in from three to six containers by means of the rotary lobe pump suitable for right and left rotation and pumped accordingly. A later extension for connecting additional containers is also possible so that a pump concept adapted to each operation can be realized.

Vorteile im ├ťberblick

Substattechnik - Kompaktverteiler
  • Compact design

  • Robust rotary lobe pump

  • Optionally “sucking” and “pressing” from a pipe

  • Connection of 3 to 6 containers possible

  • High quality stainless steel piping

  • Optional pneumatic industrial valve slide (automatic, with control) or smooth hand valve (manual)

  • On request internal or external control

PlanET eco® pumpmix

Substrattechnik - PlanET eco® pumpmix

Efficient and insensitive to disturbances: The PlanET eco® pumpmix unit is a centrifugal pump which can be installed in the pre-pit and which is ideally suited for direct feeding of the fermenter.

Your main advantages:

  • The installation at the lowest point means that the pump does not have to raise the suction head
  • Pump is immune to interference and suitable for fresh manure
  • Prevention of blockages due to substrate comminution via screw feeder and direct feed to the pump impeller
  • Optional connection of a stirring nozzle to destroy floating layers within the pre-pit.

The delivery rate is up to 80 m┬│ / h.

PlanET Rotary Pump

Proven and easy to maintain: Rotary pistons are widely used and are mostly used in PlanET.

Your main advantages:

Easy to maintain due to the good accessibility of the rotary piston via the mounting lid – without dismantling the piping. Ideal for control or exchange.

  • Easy change of pump direction
  • Comparatively cheap costs

PlanET delivers pumps from 30 to 90 m┬│ / h. Due to the design, rotary lobe pumps are suitable for rather thin substrates or shorter cable paths.

Substrattechnik - Drehkolbenpumpe

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PlanET worm eccentric pump

Substattechnik - Schneckenexzenterpumpe

Higher pressures, longer service life: Screw eccentric pumps have a longer sealing path and can therefore apply higher pressures in the long term.

Their main advantages are:

  • First choice for fiber-rich substrates, high viscosities
    (high TS content) or long pump paths due to higher pressures
  • Longer service life
  • Pump with large ball passage is insensitive to contaminants

PlanET delivers pumps from 20 to 70 m┬│ / h.