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Gas Flares

Maximum Safety for You

The PlanET Biogas Flare is available in three versions and can feature fully automated controls. Your added safety is reflected in the numerous technical features: including fully automated start-up process. The PlanET flare also features a low pressure warning device in its safety chain and sockets and changeover switches on the control cabinet. The upstream compressor ensures that safe combustion is possible in the event of an emergency, even under the most difficult weather conditions. The flare can also be put into operation using an existing emergency power generator in the event of a power network failure.

Gas Drying & Purification

Optimum Gas Quality for Satellite CHPs and Micro-Gas Networks

Biogas contains large amounts of water vapor. This vapor should be eliminated in order to avoid condensation in gas transport pipelines and to
increase the purity of your biogas. This is done by lowering the temperature to the dew point where the moisture in the gas condenses.
After drying, hydrogen sulfide is removed from the biogas by means of activated charcoal filters, then the gas is reheated so that it cannot re-condense.

These drying and purification units are available as skid mounted packages, or as compact container units.

PlanET Gasaufbereitung Gastrocknung

Eco® Gassaku

The PlanET eco® gasakku is installed on the floor at ground level. An elaborate substructure is not required because the membrane lowers to the floor when emptied completely. When storing dry and purified gas, it is possible to dispense with an installation-specific extension of gas drying and an activated carbon filter.

PlanET ecoreg; gasakku Gasspeicher

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