Feeding Systems

The continuous supply of your substrate into the digester is crucial for efficient plant operation. Our feeding technology is powerful, adaptable and has a long service life.

PlanET Vario

PlanET Vario

Our bestseller and multi-award winner. Long-fiber or sticky substrate is reliably transported. Thanks to its modular design, the size of the PlanET Vario is variable and can be extended at any time.

PlanET Einbringtechnik Biomix

PlanET Bio Mix

Crushing and mixing homogeneously – these are the strengths of the Bio Mix. Each mixing screw can be individually driven and adapts to the substrate mix. This saves electricity and your operating costs.

PlanET Einbringtechnik MultiRotor

PlanET MultiRotor

The vertical screw entry is the ideal interface between your feeder and digester. Fibrous material and manure are reliably transported, the material flow is introduced directly into the digester without the need for mixing or chopper pumps.

PlanET Einbringtechnik ecoflow

PlanET eco® flow

For liquid and pumpable substrates, we offer a low-wear liquid flushing system with an eccentric screw pump. Biogas plants with this technology benefit from increased distances materials can be moved and the ability to feed multiple digesters from a single feeder.