PlanET eco® Mixers

Optimum Mixers, Good Biology – Excellent Efficiency!

You will not achieve satisfactory plant performance without optimally designed mixing technology. The digestate should be uniformly mixed to allow you to get the most gas out of your system. The patented PlanET eco® agitator series offers you all types of time-tested agitator technologies, from submersible motor and large wing agitators through to paddle agitators, minimizing power consumption at all times. These agitators feature a long service life and are wear-resistant.

Advantages at a glance

  • Optimally adapted to the substrate agitator technology

  • Fast and slow runners

  • Durable, energy-saving and low-wear

PlanET eco® mix

  • Connected load 7.5 kW

  • Great thrust of 675 lbf (3,000 N)

  • 4.6 ft (1.4 m) wing diameter

  • Side and high adjustable

  • Bacteria-friendly, slow stirring and avoiding sinking layers

PlanET eco® mix

PlanET eco® turbo

  • Connected load 5.5 kW (for installation in the pre-pit) and 13 kW

  • Effectively dissipates floating layers by 560 lbf (2,500 N) thrust

  • High-speed rotor with 2.85 ft (87 cm) wing diameter

  • Flexible use, side and height adjustable

PlanET eco Turbo

PlanET eco® powermix

  • Max. 22 kW output; up to 2250 lbf (10,000 N) torque breaking up of crusting

  • Slow mixer with 5 ft (1.5 m) blade diameter

  • External-mounted motors

  • Installation through the tank wall allows a stageless inclination adjustment

PlanET eco Powermix

Mixer upgrades = greater yeild

Mixers play a central role if you want to increase the overall efficiency of your biogas plant. The investment in a new Mixer is often worthwhile, especially in the case of older existing plants. Increased costs for example, of operational safety and water protection can be compensated for by higher gas yields. 

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