PlanET eco Cover

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PlanET eco® coverG

PlanET eco® cover

Thick synthetic mesh PlanET eco® Cover desulphurizes biogas reliably inside the digester improving gas quality. This polyethylene (PE) fabric offers sufficient area to act as a surface for hydrogen sulphide removal and is more stable and maintenance-friendly than comparable structures. As a further development of the classic wooden beam cover, PlanET eco® Cover is a decisive step towards greater efficiency, targeted cost reduction and improved corrosion resistance.

PlanET eco® jet

An important new development is the PlanET eco® jet, which ensures the continuous supply of nutrients to the gas space via an innovative injection system, thereby creating optimal biological conditions for the colonization of bacteria.

The coarse mesh (50x50x5 mm) of the PlanET eco® coverG is both a carrier medium for hydrogen sulphide bacteria and at the same time permeable to them. The nutrient supply of the PlanET eco® jet enables the hydrogen sulfide bacteria to adhere to the inside of the gas storage membrane, which significantly increases the potential settlement area and ensures the intensive desulfurization of the biogas.

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Advantages at a glance

Inflatable roofs

PlanET Flexstore XL / PlanET Flexstore XXL

PlanET Tragluftdach

The central technical component of demand-oriented electricity production is the gas storage. In particular, the flex operation with one or more CHP requires variable flow rates despite constant gas production. Therefore, gas storage facilities that enable variable gas levels are mandatory for participation in the demand-oriented electricity market.
PlanET offers two state-of-the-art technology solutions for operators: The PlanET Flexstore XL or XXL is a double-walled supporting air roof that covers your fermenter or digestate storage tank in a gastight manner and under the highest safety criteria. The PlanET eco® gasakku is available especially for existing plants that do not plan to extend the slurry storage capacities. As a gas storage unit installed at ground level on the floor, the PlanET eco® gas battery ensures revenue-oriented gas utilization through additional storage volume.
The weather protection film is offered in dust gray as standard and thus optimally integrated into the environment (other colors possible on request).

Advantages at a glance