PlanET BioMix

The Mix Makes the Difference

Difficult substrate? Several fermenters? The combination between vertical mixers and the time-tested PlanET MultiRotor auger input system is eminently suitable to reliably feed several digesters with substrate. The strengths of the PlanET Bio Mix are it’s ability to handle a variety of substrates while providing a uniform mix to the digester. A variable frequency drive on each motor for each vertical mixer guarantees an individually adjusted operating capacity with minimal parasitic power consumption. Only PlanET offers such advantages. Come and see PlanET Bio Mix for yourself. Arrange a visit with the regional consultant in your area.

Einbringtechnik Biomix Mischschnecken

Technical specifications

General data (other sizes on request)
Volume storage tank 12 m³ 16 m³ 30 m³ 50 m³
Average power in normal operation 20-30 kW 20-30 kW 20-30 kW 20-30 kW
Throughput (pay attention to bulk weights) up to 30 m³ / h up to 30 m³ / h up to 30 m³ / h up to 30 m³ / h
Screw diameter Ø 350 mm Ø 350 mm Ø 350 mm Ø 350 mm
Long (A) 3,90 m 9,00 m
Width (B) 45 m 2,50 m 2,50 m 2,45 m
Height (C) 3,00 m 3,00 m 2,95 m
template system Mixing container with vertical screws
Connected load mixing screw 1 x 22 kW 1 x 30 kW 2 x 30 kW 3 x 30 kW
control technology Control cabinet with industrial PLC
  • Anschlussfertig verkabelt
  • Manual and automatic mode (industrial PLC)
  • Interfaces for operating message and remote start (ProfiBUS possible)


  • Solid-screw mixing augers for complete mixing of the contents of the container

  • Control of the cover with hydraulic unit Weight control by weighing system, data transfer to the controller

  • Mixing screws and attachments optionally made of stainless steel

PlanET Einbringtechnik Biomix

Advantages at a glance